Kinetic Sculptures

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Sandsara Kinetic Sculpture

The Kinetic Sculpture That Draws Infinite Patterns On Sand.For millennia, Eastern philosophies have ..

Reuleaux Triangle Set

A set of non-spherical solids that amazingly have constant width in every direction, allowing them t..

Tetraxis® Star Kinetic Sculptures

Created by physicist John Kostick and inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller. John created his i..

Chil Balancing Bird

Handcrafted by Bin Design in Amsterdam, Chil is a small mobile that balances on a single pivot point..

Square Wave Kinetic Toy

A gorgeous stress relieving kinetic sculpture inspired by math and the Fibonacci sequence. Square wa..

Kyle's Kinetic Sculptures: Balancing Man

Reduced to clear - these items do not include packaging. Phenomenal handmade kinetic sculptures..

Toroflux® Kinetic Sculpture

The Toroflux is tactile and interactive - you can put your hands through it and run it safely along ..

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Sculpture

A museum grade decorative art object. Produced by BTS, this the slightly smaller desktop 2.0 ve..

Playable ART® Helicone

 Instantly transform this exquisite design between a helix and a pine cone with a simple, quick..

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