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Halospheres: The Extreme Velocity Desktop Toy

Price: £29.99

Beautifully executive, Halospheres is a real showpiece - both moving and when still.

Halospheres: The Extreme Velocity Desktop Toy

At over 3600 RPM, Halospheres combines extreme velocity and gravity defying physics to create a spectacular kinetic light display. 

Forged from steel and plated in gold, Halospheres is a real showpiece, generating a vortex of kinetic light effects, driven by just the power of your lungs! The Halospheres are first cast from stainless steel and then polished to a mirror finish. After which, they are plated with gold for that characteristic halo hue.

The spinning plate is hand cast in concave form from black resin and then highly polished, resulting in a perfect pairing for both performance and aesthetics.

How does it work?

The lightning-fast speed of the Halospheres is result of its unique motion. As it spins on its centre axis on the concave plate, it also rolls like a wheel, which generates a lift force on one sphere raising it into the air - much like forces at play on a curveball. This is known as the Magnus effect.This reduced friction together with its high relative mass and angular momentum, allows the Halospheres to accelerate to extreme velocities. The halo effects themselves are a result of its spherical shape. Each sphere creates a pinpoint light reflection in its mirrored finish from any significant light source in the room - be it light from windows, lamps or flashlights. As it spins at great speed, the pinpoint reflections blend together to our eye, creating its characteristic halo effects.

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