DeskSpace: Handcrafted Solar Sun Mood Lamp

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The sun is the most beautiful and powerful force in our solar system, recreated stunningly with this Solar Sun Mood Lamp. A gorgeous companion for the Solar System set.

Created using Golden Calcite - prized for its mesmerising texture and clarity - to allow the light to spread within the sphere and to radiate into the room. Each piece has been individually crafted and polished by hand, ensuring each is as unique as you are.Bring the sun into your home and capture a small part of that power.

The DeskSpace Sun Mood Lamp is both beautiful and stylish and makes the most wonderful timeless gift that can last a lifetime. The soft glow is ideal for bedrooms, to create an ambient environment in a lounge or a perfect desktop accompaniment to enhance any workspace. The soft and warm light that emanates from our Solar Mood Lamp is ideal for any room or workspace. Without overpowering the senses, this light is visually striking and will create a gentle glow in any room. Perfect as a subtle night light for the bedside table or to capture the beauty of your desk accessories or a row of books on your shelf. It is more than just light - this is a room-enhancing glow that gives a sense of relaxation and peace.Working tirelessly to source the exact material that would showcase the unique way that the sun emits light.

The material needed to be able to both encase the light and emit it gently and evenly. Our worldwide search resulted in Golden Calcite - a unique crystalline structure with a translucent appearance that has a softness and warmth that we could not find in any other material. When the light is not turned on, this globe is a stunning accessory for your room. However, switch on the light and the gemstone comes to life creating a focal point that will draw the eye and relax the soul. With a smooth surface that simply calls out to be touched, this is a creative gift that will win the hearts of all.

Three designers who all have three things in common - a love of design, a fascination with space and jobs that keep us tied to our desks. We wanted to create a desktop accessory that brought together our design skills with our interests. Something that would allow us to have a small vision of how our home environment sits within the universe. We wanted it to be sleek and sophisticated, to be tactile and beautiful and to make people interested in what lies beyond the desk in front of them. With our backgrounds in technical design, we knew that our creation would need to be accurate, but moreover it needed to interpret the solar system in a way that brought about emotion and a lasting feel. DeskSpace needed substance. And so, the search for the right materials began.

Our search was for a desk accessory that fulfilled our personal needs and we truly believe that our creation will fulfil the needs of others too. Each and every one of us has a small connection with the skies. Bringing that into your office through our timeless and classic accessory is more than just a chance to own something beautiful - it is an opportunity to reconnect with the universe.

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