Can You Solve Me? Tangram Puzzle

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Unleash your inner curiosity with this 12 tangram puzzle gift set. With each tangram puzzle providing new challenges it will surely entertain children, adults and even the most experienced puzzle solvers.Use the pieces inside each individual package to recreate the respective silhouette shape.Great for creative thinking and improving both your IQ & EQ. Solutions not included, but easily found online.

Even the beginner puzzle will be a rewarding brain teaser that will take creative thinking to solve. When solving these puzzle there are two rules: first - you have to use all the Tangram pieces, second - the pieces can't overlap.

These great puzzles will appeal to a broad spectrum; from designers and creative thinkers to schoolchildren and families. These tangram brain teasers are made using durable acrylic that is a quarter of an inch thick thick in bright yellow colour.

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