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Knucklebone Skill Toy: Wood Edition

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Knucklebone by AroundSquare is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands, to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate.


The wood version of our Knucklebones are the lightest we've created to date, and have already become a favourite among top players. While the wooden kbones have the same size and shape as the originals, the lighter weight, combined with the wood grain texture, open up new possibilities for manipulation, using the round end knobs to manipulate, pivot, and stall during play. Players accustomed to the momentum and gravity effect of the heavier metal versions may take some time to adjust to this style of play, but those interested in tricks and technical play will find this version extremely flexible and entertaining. 

The wooden version is available in walnut, beech or ebony. These are produced raw, without oiling or other treatment, and have the AO2 logo laser etched at the base of one end. The wood grain is visible in this state, but not highly pronounced. They will play very well straight out of the box, and will gradually darken over time (as pictured) as the wood picks up oil and moisture from the player's hands. Those wishing to accelerate this process can rub in a dab of any kitchen oil, beeswax, or other similar non-toxic wood product. The logos are shallow-etched--they have texture and can be felt, but should not chip or feel uncomfortable. Like the grain of the wood, the logos will darken over time. 

As these knucklebones are produced from wood, please expect visual variations in the grain of the wood. Dents and imperfections are likely over time when dropped and banged, but that's a side effect of learning to play with skill toys such as these anyway. 

Brand AroundSquare
Type Skill Toy
Material Brass Or Stainless Steel 

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