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Everyman Begleri

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The Everyman series, is Aroundsquare's most refined begleri design to date. The design of the beads is simple, intentionally "average"..  hence the Everyman name.

Everyman Begleri

Borrowing some of the best elements from the Titan and Hydra range, the Everyman Begleri by AroundSquare is "nothing bizarre. It's just normal. It's average. It's the Everyman." This is a great addition to your EDC! 

Updating the shape of the conventional "Standard Issue" Greek begleri for modern technical begleri play the Everyman Begleri have a few neat features: The sloping top of the beads helps prevent the string from jamming up during rolls, like the rounded tops of the Titans. Like the Hydras, they feature straight angles which help with grip and bead control, as well as a compact size which makes the beads nimble during play. While the beads are relatively small, at 17mm by 17mm, they feel substantial in the hand due to the angles, and carry good weight. 

The Everyman Heavy Metal series includes Copper, Brass or Stainless Steel models and are Hardcore Compatible, meaning they have a sufficient internal space to house the beads of the Hardcore Gut System - a method of increasing and decreasing the weight to suit your needs. 4 Micro Hydras (2 Copper and 2 Stainless Steel) are included for this purpose. 

  • Raw Copper: Has a subtle distinctive smell and develops a natural patina over time, which of course can be buffed up with metal polish. Reasonably soft, The Copper will ding up quite easily but this does add to the charm.
  • Brass is also fairly soft and will ding and scratch but is a touch harder than Copper.
  • The Stainless Steel edition is the most likely to resist dents and dings and is definitely harder wearing than Brass or Copper. Stainless Steel will also keep it's sheen and has hardly any odour at all. 

(AO2) is about social transformation. We do a lot of different things, guided by the goals of sustainability, democratization, and social justice. While our work is eclectic, all of it is underpinned by the idea of leveraging creativity and learning for the greater good. In practice, the bulk of our activities are concentrated in the areas of transformative education, monitoring and evaluation, and the design of toys and other materials that support the development of human potential. AO2 is a social enterprise. Unlike regular businesses which only seek profit, AO2 uses a model that generates profit in addition to furthering social, environmental, and human development goals. We actually have four bottom lines, not just one, and we measure our success against all four. Aroundsquare is proud to be a part of the new economy.

Born in Greece, Begleri is a small skill toy which consists of one or more beads at either end of a string, rope or chain. They can be flipped, twirled or more around fingers to person visually appealing tricks in a similar manner to how playing cards are manipulated during cardistry. Deriving from from Greek rosary beads (Komboloi) which are often used as worry beads. While komboloi have beads forming a closed circle, begleri beads are threaded on an open strand, usually in a symmetrical formation, with equal weighting at either end. Begleri come in many forms, consisting of semi-precious stone or metal beads. 

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