Mini Hydra Begleri: Mokume Gane

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The Mini Hydras are a slightly down-sized version of the original Hydra beads, 14mm in diameter, and 7mm tall. They are drilled to accommodate 550 para cord, with an exposed knot. 

The Hydras are extremely playable, and despite their cylindrical shape, are surprisingly nimble. They are less solid and therefore slightly quieter than heavier single-bead designs, and the multiple beads add a nice "fiddle factor" to each set. The rounding of all edges on the beads adds to the comfort and overall feel.

The Mokume Gane and ebony edition is a a six-bead setup weighing just over 23g with cord, including two beads mokume, and four ebony. The mokume would be pretty beastly on its own, so we paired it with the most fitting wood available, Ebony, to make a setup with a very playable weight. 

We're stocking the polished finish on the mokume gane beads which will patina nicely over time, and the copper layers will darken and contrast with the others. The ebony wood beads will also darken over time as they absorb oils from your hands. 

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Born in Greece, Begleri is a small skill toy which consists of one or more beads at either end of a string, rope or chain. They can be flipped, twirled or more around fingers to person visually appealing tricks in a similar manner to how playing cards are manipulated during cardistry.

Deriving from from Greek rosary beads (Komboloi) which are often used as worry beads. While komboloi have beads forming a closed circle, begleri beads are threaded on an open strand, usually in a symmetrical formation, with equal weighting at either end. Begleri come in many forms, consisting of semi-precious stone or metal beads. 

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